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Technology Park Ypenburg
2 min readJan 27, 2021


This is where cooperation and collaboration among parties creates unprecedented results. With an existing community of innovative and forward-thinking companies like Airborne, KVE, Promolding, GTM, Hittech, Exasun and the field lab Digital Factory for Composites (DFC), TPY The Hague is ready to push the boundaries and provide the platform for innovation in the field of high tech materials and manufacturing.

Some of the applications of their work revolves around areas that affect our daily lives but are not always visible to everyone. Automation and digitization of production with advanced materials has immense value to industries across the spectrum from automotive to biotechnology. From our cars and airplanes, to phones, and rooftops, the future that high-tech materials promises, are a productivity game changer.

Our community is thriving through knowledge sharing and innovation in new product-market combinations. From Promolding’s injection molding knowledge, GTM’s satellite design knowledge, to Airborne’s automation knowledge, KVE’s composite welding knowledge, Hittech´s materials and integration and productionisation knowledge, Exasun´s unique solar panel design and automated production lines innovation is being realised on a daily basis. Collaboration with local knowledge institutions makes it possible to link knowledge across areas of materials, mechatronics, modeling, sensor technology and chemistry.

In this digital age, it is all about smart integrations and digital transformation, the South Holland manufacturing industry is receiving support to transition to smart manufacturing. The aim is to use data driven manufacturing to make high-quality products in a competitive manner. While giving entrepreneurs, regional educational institutions, and investors knowledge, workshops, and investment opportunities to realise this.

To get involved and drive innovation in this field, contact:

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