TPY & RHIA: Flying Towards Zero Emission

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2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Leading aviation hubs in South Holland have joined forces to revolutionise electric and hydrogen-powered flying. Entrepreneurs and researchers are collaborating from the development of innovative solutions to the testing of prototypes in the test environments Next Aviation Fieldlab at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Hoog 16Hoven, and TPY The Hague.

While the Netherlands has a rich aviation history, the involved parties share the ambition to drive the future of aviation and meet the demand for sustainable aviation. Breakthroughs in small aviation will aid the upscaling to larger aircrafts. Other scaling up possibilities lie in production automation through the use of machine learning and other emerging technologies.

The regional innovation cluster of start-ups, scale-ups and international companies focuses to innovate storage and distribution of emission-free fuels and new energy sources, refuelling processes, adaptation and testing processes, as well as finding alternative lightweight materials.

TPY developed a prototyping center for the development for these innovative components and workshops for knowledge sharing and co-creation. The cooperation with RHIA accelerates the realization of zero-emission aviation while strengthening the local industrial base. From aircraft design to airport operations, the contributions will aid making aviation cleaner, safer and more accessible.

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