Spotlight: Hittech Group

Hittech Group was founded in 2004 and has grown to about 650 employees and €120 million in turnover in just 15 years. Hittech is 100% privately owned with sites in Europe and Asia. Hittech Group is a developer and supplier of systems, modules, parts, and materials for the technological applications of their customers: OEM’s in high-tech sectors. The Hittech Group is comprised of eight companies, all with their own competences and expertise, but together a group. Hittech main market segments include medical devices, semiconductors, packaging, and measurement and analysis tools.

The first Hittech company to join Tech Park Ypenburg (TPY) was MPP in 2014. We sat down with Bart Beune (CCO) who joined TPY from Hittech Multin. Multin was previously in Delft but moved to Ypenburg in 2015 to centralize its operations. Hittech’s holding office was also moved to TPY from Uitgeest at that time. Hittech Multin did not expect to have the rapid growth that it has achieved, with a turnover of €16 million in 2016 to €34 million by the end of 2020. To support that growth, Hittech is currently working on increasing its footprint on TPY so that also in the future it can accommodate its holding company, MPP and Multin.

Even though TPY started from aerospace and composites, there are synergies with Hittech. One of the main markets of Hittech RSP Technology, in the northern part of the Netherlands, and specialized in producing aluminum alloys with the same mechanical properties as titanium, is aerospace. Hittech is currently listening to what is happening in and around the community and is excited to lend support when possible. TPY provides value to Hittech especially in the area of talent acquisition. Being a company in the high tech industry in The Hague area, Hittech is an interesting employer for TU Delft students and other university students and graduates. After steep growth, more than 25% in 2020, and with in the back of the mind that the challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic will end somewhere soon, Hittech is well positioned for a bright future.

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