Meet Promolding

Creating Polymer Solutions is the basis of what Promolding does. From designing to engineering to manufacturing, Promolding constructs high-tech plastic parts and components in the most sustainable manner possible. Promolding works on finding solutions to complex issues to realise innovative and socially relevant products. For the past three years, Promolding has mainly focused on developing and engineering medical devices and plastics parts used in medical devices. They have achieved a clean room classification of Class 7, in which they have productions up and running and are currently developing medical devices for blood collection and analysis, orthopedic devices, and surgical instruments.

The inspiration behind Promolding was in Jac Gofers’ ambition to start a company in manufacturing. He quickly achieved his goal in the specialised area of plastic injection molding, a far cry from his background in mechanical engineering. His move to the Hague was prompted by facilities opening up after the Fokker bankruptcy in 1996, which subsequently stalled aircraft manufacturing in the regional market.

Technology Park Ypenburg (TPY) was to an extent Jac’s initiative as he was a driving force in connecting companies active in composites and plastics. Recognised by the Municipality, new incentives and demonstrations were proposed. After this initial demonstration of success Jac proposed instead of having closing events to host update events because in his words, “we started a process rather than the projects having a hat and a tail”. This was fairly new to all involved parties and further growth and investment was announced into the “community” or more accurately a collection of companies working towards a shared goal.

The reason Promolding is still involved in the TPY community to this day is that next to being one of the founding fathers, they believe in the synergy that can be created between companies that more or less face the same demands and challenges.

2020 brought its share of challenges, affecting Promolding as it has affected so many companies. Their main challenge became maintaining their product development and engineering department at a level that is suitable for developing medical devices. 2021 looks hopeful according to Jac as he added that last year felt like the company was “trying to keep the ship in the water”, whereas now they are focused again on development and keeping their sails raised high.

When talking about a community, Jac always says “you have to make history together”. In these unprecedented times, bringing along its fair share of trials and tribulations, it is even more important to connect with current members and new companies joining for the first time. To be aware of each other’s capabilities and challenges, to contribute, to communicate, and to work together towards a common goal and achieve the desired result.



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Technology Park Ypenburg

TPY facilitates and promotes the innovation, business, and talent growth of High Tech Manufacturing in the region.