Formula Student Team Delft

Formula Student Team Delft is a project run entirely by students focused on creating high performance open wheel racecars. The goal is to create the fastest possible racecar within the Formula Student regulations. This racecar will compete against those from more than 600 other universities worldwide. In July and August they will attend multiple international competitions for a chance at the first-place trophy.

Within the Formula Student world, innovation is key. The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to find new ways to create a faster racecar. If you don’t innovate, you don’t win. The brightest students are constantly pushing the limits to reach the absolute maximum modern technology has to offer. This applies to both car performance and car efficiency. This way, Formula Student Team Delft contributes to a more sustainable future.

Besides that, Formula Student Team Delft is proud to be able to enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical project. They bridge the gap between a theoretically smart engineer and an actual good engineer by giving them the opportunity to contribute to a real world project. This is an experience that is not offered within the university curriculum and can bring so much value to each student.

The team is re-formed each year to be able to give this opportunity to as many students as possible. One of the challenges this brings is the fact that there is no prior experience with the actual production of the car. The creation of the chassis, with carbonfibre monocoque, is by far the biggest challenge. This year, Formula Student Team Delft is delighted to have partnered with TPY to tackle this challenge.

Technology Park Ypenburg, The Hague, facilitates and promotes the innovation, business, and talent growth of high tech Manufacturing in the region. TPY provides Formula Student Team Delft with access to advanced machines and expertise in high tech composite materials. This creates the ultimate venue for the creation of their chassis and the development of their engineers.


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Technology Park Ypenburg

TPY facilitates and promotes the innovation, business, and talent growth of High Tech Manufacturing in the region.